Facebook AR Filters, Camera Effects &
 Snapchat Lenses

Create stunning camera filters that are fun,
 immersive, interactive and highly engaging!

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Facebook filter

With AR filters, Camera Effects and Lenses, we can create stunning experiences that are fun, immersive, interactive and highly engaging! Whether it's masks, gesture controlled events, AR effects/AR objects, animations, facial expression related filers, in-camera games or just simple frames, our team can build it.


Control and activate elements in a filter with facial expressions like
opening your mouth/eyes, moving your head, tapping the screen, etc.

Smile OR openmouth

Smile OR open mouth

Wink OR open Close Eyes

Wink OR open/close eyes

Look Up Down OR Left Right

Look up/down OR left/right

Finger Gestures

Finger - Tap/Swipe/Pinch

Recent Facebook Filters we've built:


For Happy Dent White chewing gum's facebook filter, just smile and you get the happy dent white brightness effect on your teeth!


For the Indian Premier League cricket tournament, here's a really fun filter which gives various face-paint options that fans of the Bangalore team can use to cheer their side!


Here's a demo we've built for Disney's Micky Mouse where you get Mickey's ears and a hello from Mickey when you nod your head.


Create a personalized Ramadan greeting to wish your friends and family!

Facebook Camera effects opens up a huge world of possibilities. We will be launching our first game that works inside the Facebook Camera - A game where food items appear in the screen and the user has to open their mouth to grab it and get points!

How can users share filters?

Once a user clicks a picture or creates a video using a filter, they can instantly do any of the following:

  • Create a Facebook post
  • Create a Facebook story
  • Send in Messenger to friend(s)
  • Share in groups as stories
  • Save to camera roll
  • Bonus: Ability to add text or doodles on your filter before its shared
Front Camera Facebook Filter

Front Camera

Enable interactive filters to engage
your audience.

Back Camera Facebook Filter

Back Camera

Place virtual objects and AR elements
in the screen environment.

Publishing & Promoting

Posting a FB camera filter is easy and straight forward, we will guide you.

We do not require admin access to the FB page to post the camera effect.

Camera filters can be promoted for higher reach and better discoverability.

Desktop users are re-directed to a mobile notification toggle.

Get in touch if you are looking to build AR
 Filters for Facebook or Snapchat.