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We are officially part of
the Snap Lens Network!
AliveNow is part of the Snap Lens Network
because brands
trust us to build robust and impeccable AR lenses on
Snapchat. We are
well versed with the platform and are at
forefront of building path-breaking Snap
lenses that
leverage latest features like hand
tracking, body tracking,
feet tracking, Snap
ML and more.
Why Snapchat AR lenses?
Superior face tracking,
hand tracking, feet tracking
and body tracking.
Amazing opportunity to
launch AR games. Gesture
based branded AR games
are fun to play and have
increased retention time.
Brands using Snapchat AR
lenses drive users to create
amazing user generated
Snapchat AR lenses give
users a seamless way to try
before you buy.
Unlock immersive and 3D
experiences using AR
lenses vs flat 2D
More people are using
Snapchat, downloading
Snap and sharing Snaps!
Read their report here.
Here is what
lenses so cool!
Apart from face tracking and even
detecting facial gestures, Snapchat
lenses takes the entire interaction to a
whole new level with its features.
Foot Tracking
Snapchat opens up the platform for
even more possibilities than it did
before with their foot tracking feature.
So now, people can virtually try on
shoes and even integrate a game into
the experience.
Hand Tracking
Snapchat can also detect and track
specific hand gestures. So now you can
even unlock the experience through a
hand gesture that you believe
resonates with your brand.
Full body tracking
The most recent feature Snapchat
launched is how it can now track the
user’s entire body. This truly allows the
brand to create a much more
immersive experience for their users.
Below are a few of our Snap AR Lenses
Check out our Portfolio for more examples.
Face AR Lenses
Gamified AR lenses
Create An Experience
Transport Your Audience
Celebration AR Lenses