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Instagram Augmented
Reality filters
Facebook's Spark AR platform now allow's
brands to
create Augmented Reality
experiences on Instagram as
well. Branded
Instagram AR filters can range from face

masks to scanning objects to unlock something
Instagram AR games controlled by blinking or moving
your face.
Augmented Reality
filters open
up a huge world
Of the 200+ Instagram
AR filters we've
here are few categorized
by the
type of AR
experience.Visit our portfolio
to see more examples.
Simple Instagram Face Filters
Complex Instagram Face Filters
Simple Instagram AR Games
Complex Instagram AR Games
Instagram Back Camera Filters
Front Camera
Enable interactive filters to
engage your audience
Back Camera
Place 3D objects and AR elements
in the screen environment.
Camera Games
Play games inside the
Instagram Camera!
Publishing and promoting
Instagram AR
How do users discover
AR filters?
Instagram camera filter is a mobile
only experience.
Post as a story about the
Instagram Filter and users
can swipe up to try
Publish Instagram feed ads
with a link to try the filter
Post the link to try the
Instagram AR filter in the bio
Visit the Filters section on the
brand's Instagram page
Get influencers use the
Instagram AR filter with a link
to try
Deploy QR codes that users
can scan to launch the
Instagram AR filter