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We are looking for freshers & experienced

creators who are passionate with a portfolio

that showcases design thinking. You will be

working on explainer videos and motion
videos with clients globally.
Looking for motivated individuals in the

marketing/digital/technology space who
keen to join a growing team, serving
some of
the world's largest brands and
agencies with
creative technology
solutions. Read More
You're fresh after graduating from university
an astute self-taught beginner. Your
are higher than the Empire State
Building, and
you love design more than
Your eye is more accurate than the ruler,
the interface is more intuitive than the
teller. You know how to develop
web, mobile
and AR applications.
Welcome aboard.
Build games on platforms like facebook,

twitter, instagram etc applications.

Individuals with comprehensive knowledge

in Phaser JS / Pixi JS, Javascript.
Create applications on platforms like

facebook applications, wordpress, various

php frameworks. Individuals with

comprehensive knowledge in HTML5,
PHP, Javascript.
freshers also can apply.
Excellent knowledge and working
of Unity3D Game Engine,
C#. Must be
experienced with Unity GUI,
Object Oriented
Design principles,
asset bundles and script
writing in C#.