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What can you do with

playable ads on Facebook?
Immersive preview
Showcase your game with
a lead-in video in newsfeed
that prompts people to play.
Offer people the chance to
play your game directly
from your ad.
Engaged consumers
Drive higher-intent players
for your game or customers
for your business.
Drive App downloads
Give users a preview of
your app and lead them
to a download app link.
Drive e-commerce sales
Users play a game to win
or achieve a coupon that
they can redeem online.
Improve in-store walk-ins
Allow users to unlock
conditional coupons
who play a game.
Improve brand recall
An immersive playable ad
experience drives higher
brand recall vs static
image or video.
Facebook playable
ads are made up of
three parts.
01 | Lead-in video
Playable ads begin with a short video of
your demo with an overlay of a game
controller to indicate that your ad is
02 | Game demo
When a person taps a playable ad, they
will be able to play a short, interactive and
full-screen demo of your game without
having to install anything.
03 | Call to action
The call to action lets people tap to lead
out to an external weblink to complete the
Here are a few playable
ads we built!
Click Tap To Try below to play the game!