Did you know that brands can 
now launch customized 
WhatsApp Sticker packs that 
users can download and share!

We're here to help you build these experiences.

WhatsApp Sticker

Creating WhatsApp sticker packs for your brand is a 4 step process:

Collaboratively work on designing the stickers.

Build the iOS and Android sticker pack app.

Submit to the iOS and Android app stores for approval.

On approval, users can download and install the sticker pack!

Sticker Pack Use Cases


Fun stickers for your fans to 
celebrate milestones.


Sticker packs to promote  your shows and movies.


Sticker packs talking about 
deals, offers and more.


Create stickers and ask 
people to forward it to 
promote a cause.


Yummy sticker pack 
depicting offers and food 

Get in touch if you are looking to launch 
WhatsApp sticker packs!